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Yum yum!

As promised in the previous post, I painted this batch of watercolors on a theme, as the title suggests, and am planning to continue this in the future. I find this approach practical, for one thing, as more often than not, the color palette is specific to the given subject matter; in this case, the palette is ochre, sienna and umber, while in the previous batch there were blues, violets, and greens. Although in watercolor painting, unlike oil or acrylic, very little pigment is used, still, I don't like to waste it, so I wash the mixing area of the palette clean every time I start on a new theme.

This batch of paintings presented its own set of challenges, from getting the right colors to suggest fresh-out-of-the-oven pastries, almost expecting to smell that aroma, to the highlights on the glazing and on the luscious, flowing chocolate sauce. I'll let you be the judge of how well I managed to do that. Maybe I should include a disclaimer here: "These paintings are not intended as an advertisement of the depicted subject matter, and I take no responsibility for any actions on the part of the viewer resulting thereof, or any impact to their diet."

I failed to mention at the beginning of this "adventure" that the paintings you have seen so far are only exercises in an effort of gaining some degree of proficiency in controlling the medium and obtaining the desired chromatic mixes, which could then be employed in various compositions. Again, I hope you find this of interest, perhaps leading to a desire to begin your own adventure. Bon appetit!

Cupcakes, anyone?

Or maybe just a chocolate croissant

The perfect companion to a cappuccino

These are my favorites, try them with latte!

Pumpkin, or chocolate cream pie? Either one, it's a winner!

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