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A fresh batch of watercolors

An old Romanian saying says, "Appetite comes while eating", and that seems to be the case with my watercolor painting adventure. Truly, it is an adventure, and as I paint, every once in a while I get one of those exhilarating moments, when the color mix is "just right", or when I watch the way the pigment spreads on the wet paper, creating that wonderful glow... Don't misunderstand me, I still have a long way to go towards some level of proficiency, but the little "victories" encourage me to keep practicing, and the watercolors below are part of that practice.

One thing that I am now trying to do is choose a theme and do several paintings on that before moving on to another theme. The following watercolors are an attestation of my love for flowers, whether they're the opulent bearded irises, or the humble, yet so delicate snowdrops which, together with other beauties, we have planted in the flower beds around our house in Orlat, Romania.

I hope you enjoy looking at the paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them, and if it would motivate you to pick up a brush and start the "adventure", I'd be thrilled. And remember, "appetite comes while eating"... or painting!

Bearded Irises and butterfly




Orchid II


Wild chicory

Violets and snowdrops, a symbol of Spring

That's all folks, (for now), but stay tuned for the next adventure in watercolor.

Until then, stay healthy and keep your eyes peeled, there's beauty everywhere!

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Yum yum!

1 Comment

Mar 08, 2023

The snowdrops remind me of the ghiocei in Romania. They are a welcoming sign of Spring.

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