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A scavenger hunt

Updated: Jan 12

"Bloom where you're planted"

Stella Payton

Disregard the date, it's January 2024, we're back in Florida and I just added some new pics.

Hello everyone! For those of you that live in temperate climates, where winter has suddenly blown in with sub-zero temperatures and more snow than you care for, I don’t envy you. Being here in Florida since December, it’s the first winter in the past few years when my arthritic hands don’t hurt.

While I was decrying in my last post the lack of a shop and tools, I remembered an assignment we got while in college. In a photography class, we were asked to go on a “scavenger hunt”, to shoot a roll of black and white film on a subject of our own choosing. The difference today is that with my digital camera I can shoot a gazillion full-color pictures that I then just download onto my computer where I can pick and choose and crop as I like. As we stroll almost daily on the alleys in our park, it’s a thrill to see all the birds, the various bushes in full bloom, the green trees and palms and yes, the resident alligator! So, for you who live up North, grab a cup of hot chocolate, wrap your parka around yourself, and enjoy the pictures.

"AL" the alligator sunning himself on a tiny island in our park

And "Cousin Larry"

A flock of White Ibis feeding on the lakeshore

An Anhinga showing off the prize fish it has just speared with its beak

The Anhinga drying its wings after fishing

A Belted Kingfisher waiting for the right moment to dive for that minnow

A Great Egret after preening its plumage

A Tricolored Heron

Off he goes!

A spotted Limpkin wading on the water's edge

A pair of Sandhill Cranes foraging for acorns

And another critter that likes acorns!

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