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About The Acorn Shop

Because every oak was first an acorn

The Acorn Shop is not necessarily a physical place, a clearly marked location, but rather a concept, any place where a creative activity takes place, be it in the kitchen, the garage, the back yard or park, and yes, sometimes in the woodshop.

As an extension of that concept, the Acorn Shop Youtube channel was created, not just to encourage and inspire, but also as a learning tool, providing tutorials for entry level enthusiasts.

Sometimes we imagine a certain process as being too complicated, requiring expensive equipment or a big learning curve, discouraging us to even try. Some of the videos, as well as various posts on the blog, are an attempt to dispel such notions. I often find myself, as Van Gogh said, “doing something I cannot do in order that I might learn how to do it”.

When I am thinking of the amazing artifacts found in King Tut’s tomb, made at a time when the Dremel and diamond burs were still a couple of thousand years away and vacuum casting was unknown, I am challenged and encouraged to try new things and do it with what I have on hand and perhaps with tools that I can make myself.

That is what The Acorn Shop is all about. Check it out!

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