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Some Boxes "Outside the Box"

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Departing from the traditional "six-board-box" may give birth to some interesting new shapes

When one hears the word “box”, almost automatically thinks of the familiar six board container. Occasionally I see a box “outside the box’, departing in some way from the “norm”.

I did that when I decided to make a container for my calligraphy tools, and wanted to do it in a way that would reflect its designation. So I made a box in the shape of a fountain pen! Later I decided to explore other designs and approaches and below are some examples of the results.

The Fountain Pen Box, home to my fountain pen and calligraphy implements collection.

The Cone Box, in curly maple and plum.

Dyed Ash, turned and painted tops, and Horse-hair, of course!

Plywood, Ash and Cow-Bone, yeah!

And a Caterpillar Box in Pear, Dyed Ash and Curly maple.

Ring Boxes. Anyone getting engaged, or married anymore?

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