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On Woodworking

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

"Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary?"

Mark 6:3

"The reward of something well done, is to have done it"

I’ve been “tinkering” with wood ever since I was a child, having served my “apprenticeship” in my uncle’s wood shop where I would spend time playing with cut-offs, making “constructions”.

His shop was all hand tools and I still remember the fragrance of the pine curls emerging from the throat of the big jointer plane and the not-so-pleasant smell emanating from the pot of hide glue warming up on the stove top.

It wasn’t until in my mid 20s that I started really doing woodworking, first as a hobby, then slowly as a second job. I built my shop and my skills repairing old furniture, making bookshelves, tables and plant stands and whatever else a customer wanted.

In between orders I made some furniture for our home, by now I was married, and we had two children. A cradle that I made for our first born was lent the following years to many friends, every time a new baby came into the world.

In the past I have participated in woodworking shows and contributed with articles in magazines like Fine Woodworking, American Woodworker and Woodwork. More recently I taught woodworking to middle school kids, and I am currently mentoring a couple of younger woodworkers.

The art supply cabinet I built, and Boofle, my mascot.

Etching Press, White Oak, some Metal Parts repurposed, others made by a Machinist friend.

Nakashima Style Music Stand, Maple burl, dyed Ash and Black Locust.

My latest table, in pine.

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