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More treasure...and a follow-up

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

If you're a beachgoer, you might have seen people combing the beach with their metal detectors, looking for treasure. I am a beachcomber too, except I don't use a metal detector, because I hunt for a different kind of treasure, the kind Oscar the Grouch would look for. And there's an abundance of that sort of stuff, bits and pieces of driftwood, broken shells, coconut husks, and a myriad of other "treasures" washed up on the shore, awaiting to be discovered.

A bit more inland, where the vegetation starts taking over the sandy beach, there is a large variety of weeds (for lack of a better term, since I'm not a botanist). There's a saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and while we all marvel at the splendor of an orchid, or the opulence of a bearded iris, there are tiny beauties with blooms no larger than my pinky's nail, if you would only stoop down and take a closer look.

Recently I came across some postings on Pinterest, called "Kusamono" - creations that bring to mind the art of Bonsai, miniature potted trees, trained to resemble their full grown counterparts. Kusamono, on the other hand, consist of potted weeds and grasses, compositions exploiting the notion of simplicity and minimalism, inviting a meditative approach.

With such plethora of materials, free for the taking, I set out to do my own Kusamono. I'll let you make your own impression, with no special expectations one way or another on my part. After all, as the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." I think Oscar would agree.

Some beautiful stuff I picked up off the beach

These weeds, like bread dough, don't look like much - "until you bake it", that is.

Ready baked!

Unlike Bonsai that usually take years to grow, Kusamono are of a more transient nature due to the specifics of the greenery, "here today, gone tomorrow". And that is not all bad, as it can be themed according to the seasons. That way one can infuse it with meaning and enjoy it year-round. Should you like to try your hand at it, you don't have to necessarily go to the beach; remember, there's treasure everywhere!

A week later...

Notice the changes! The wonderful thing is that you can add and subtract while also observing nature taking its course. Nature is transient, and so are we, the important thing is to find purpose and meaning in whatever station of life we're in, for we were created for a purpose. Find that purpose. Ask, seek, knock!

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2 comentários

Judy Moyer
Judy Moyer
20 de out. de 2023

you have an artist's eye.. form, texture, color... put them together and whata ya got? He created us with eyes to see... and brains to figure it out.


Judy Moyer
Judy Moyer
27 de mar. de 2023

a weed is but an unloved flower. God puts His beautiful treasures everywhere for us to discover. He gives us eyes to see then..entertains them with His magnificent creations.

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