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Making Christmas Ornaments

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Create lasting memories with personalized ornaments for family and friends

For a few years now, a month or so before Christmas I head into the shop with the specific mission to make some gifts. Making Christmas ornaments as gifts takes out the guessing part of the endeavor, “will they like their gift?” and have, by their nature something that other gifts might not: the flood of memories of years past, when at Christmas time, that ornament is taken out from the box it “hibernated” in and is hung on the tree.

Once in the shop, it’s just a matter of imagination and for me, it is a joyful doing, just thinking of the moment when someone opens their present, their reaction, the laughs and the smiles.

Making each ornament with someone specific in mind, gives me the possibility to personalize them, either by having their name incorporated, or the ornament itself alluding to some hobby or passion of that person.

Merry Christmas!

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