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Don't go away, we'll be right back!

Hello fellow tinkerers and friends!

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet - in fact, I've been rather busy making “stuff,” and I might as well let the cat out of the bag... I have been assiduously preparing for a craft fair, scheduled for August 11-15, and have been building up the inventory. So, working on that while also keeping up the garden and all the other things that fall into my lap, the blog inadvertently slipped to the back burner. Rest assured though, there’s lots of stuff on this back burner, and once the fair is over, it will be steadily rolling out. :) In the meantime, along with the apology, I will give you a peek at what's happening in the Acorn Shop. And as always, I welcome your input!

A freestanding cabinet in walnut and ash, not quite finished.

Nakashima inspired coffee table in olive ash and black lacquered ash

A walnut-top bench with hazel twigs in ash frame.

I challenged myself to turn 100 spinning tops. At 84 my Sharpies went dry.

Some in-process pendants and earrings.

May you all have a wonderful, safe summer, indulging in the simple pleasures in life, like ice cream and sweet corn, fireflies and warm evenings, and the laughter of children.

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